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Energy Audits

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could come to your home and identify exactly what steps you could take to start saving on your energy bills? Crawford Electric’s Energy Management Specialist can help!

Our Energy Management Specialist has expertise in energy-efficient building design and can analyze the thermal envelope and HVAC load requirements of your home. Further advice on energy-efficient appliances, advanced lighting systems and right-sized mechanical equipment all can help you start saving on your electric bills.

When you schedule an energy audit, Crawford Electric’s Energy Management Specialist will conduct various inspections as well as an air-infiltration test with a blower-door. The audit will identify the changes you can make to start saving on your electric bills. Cost-sharing may be available if you make the energy-efficiency improvements we recommend.

The energy audit takes about 3-4 hours. We charge a nominal fee ($50) to participate in the audit program, but we give you $50 worth of energy-efficiency supplies in exchange.

If you're interested in having an energy audit done, please fill out this form and send to the co-op or use the form below. 

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