Generator Safety

Generator Safety


Learn about portable generator safety - click here.

Generator Safety

Some people have special needs that require an emergency source of electric generation in case of an extended power outage. If your service needs include having a portable generator, Crawford Electric requires the use of special safety equipment before the generator can be connected as your home's power source.

The transfer switch allows you to connect a portable generator to the electrical system in your home without any potential back-feed of electricity to the utility lines. Without this safety device, back-feed from your generator could seriously injure or kill a line worker. The transfer switch also will eliminate potential damage to your connected electrical equipment when utility power is restored.

Crawford Electric offers a special meter base that includes a transfer switch for members who have portable generators. For the service connect fee indicated below, the co-op will install and maintain this unit. The meter base/transfer switch remains the property of the cooperative.

New Service/Replacement

100-amp =   $350

200-amp =   $500

320-amp = $1250



100-amp =   $500

200-amp =   $750

320-amp = $1500