Petition period June 18 - July 31

Petition period June 18 - July 31

A unique feature of electric cooperatives is that they are led by consumer-members who understand and listen to the community. These members fulfill this role when they are elected to serve on the co-op’s board of directors. Each co-op member has a voice when he or she participates in the election of directors. Member meetings and the associated processes to nominate and elect directors require months of planning. This year, with continued uncertainties due to COVID-19, we want to ensure that consumer-members may exercise their membership rights with a safe, healthy member meeting. At its June 4 meeting, the Crawford Electric board of directors made the difficult decision to cancel the Sept. 16 Annual Meeting of Members, which regularly draws more than 500 registered members and more than 1,000 total attendees and workers. In its place, the board is calling for a Special Meeting of Members to occur on Sept. 16 for the sole purpose of electing directors and approving 2019 reports. This will be a virtual meeting only, and all voting will be via absentee balloting. The election of three directors, however, will still occur on schedule. All voting will be accomplished by absentee balloting, either with a mail-in ballot or via secure electronic means.

Members may begin filing for the 2020 board of director elections beginning on June 18. The petition period closes at 5 p.m. on Friday, July 31. The election will be decided by a vote of the members. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, Sept. 16.

Members interested in becoming candidates should review the cooperative's Bylaws, especially Article IV "Directors" for more information about the duties and responsibilities of the position. Potential candidates should review Article IV Section 4 about the qualifications for director candidates. District representation is based on the permanent residence of the candidate. Contact the co-op for help determining your district, or view the district map.

Candidate packets may be requested through the co-op office or can be found here:

Please print forms - text typed on the forms may not be able to be saved

Director Candidacy Overview
Nominating Petition Form
Candidate Bio Form
1.01 Director Roles and Responsibilities
1.02 Director Standards of Conduct
1.04 Conflicts of Interest
4.02 Conduct of Elections