Rates & Charges

Rates & Charges

Crawford Electric is a not-for-profit cooperative committed to selling power to its members at cost. Rates are set based on the cost of power as contracted with our power suppliers (Associated Electric Cooperative Inc. and Sho-Me Power) and the cost of Crawford Electric's operational and plant expenses. Every effort is made to control these costs to keep rates affordable.

Below are the rates, deposits, fees and billing information for Crawford Electric Cooperative residential members as of April 1, 2018. Commercial members should contact the co-op office for rates and fee information.

Single-Phase Residential Rate

Service availability 92.1 cents per day + Energy charge 8.74 cents per kilowatt-hour
Minimum monthly charge: 92.1 cents per day

Deposits and fees

Membership fee

Establishes cooperative membership and entitles member to one service connection: $20
Refundable upon disconnection

Meter deposit

Existing member requires an additional service connection: $20

Security deposit

An online credit risk tool is used to determine security deposits for new members. The credit risk assessment for existing members will be based upon their payment history with the cooperative. Deposits are based on results from the credit risk assessment and range from no deposit required to a deposit up to two times the average monthly bill at the meter location.

Service connect fees

Non-refundable fee is applicable when new meter loop is required and is based on amp needed.
    100 amp:  $150        
    200 amp:  $200        
    320 amp:  $500

Service activation charge

Non-refundable charge of $25 will be applied to existing metered accounts whenever a member requests connection in his/her name, with activation to be completed during normal business hours.

Dusk-to-dawn lighting

Installation fee: $35
Monthly residential billing: $8.50 per light

Transfer switch

Installation of a meter loop with a transfer switch to facilitate safe use of a generator.
    100 amp:  $350
    200 amp:  $475
    320 amp:  $1,150

Returned checks

A $30 charge will be assessed whenever a member's check is returned from his/her bank unpaid. Member will be notified and service will be disconnected if member does not pay the NSF charge and make restitution for the check within seven days.




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