Private Solar/Wind

Private Solar/Wind

Small-scale, home or business-based power generation such as rooftop solar panels and small wind turbines are referred to as distributed generation (DG).

Most members with DG systems use the electric cooperative’s grid to buy power during times when their DG systems are not producing enough power to meet their needs and to sell power to their electric cooperative when their systems are producing more electricity than is needed.

Before installing a private solar or wind energy system, consider first reducing your energy use by making your home more energy efficient. Many efficiency measures have a faster return on investment, and the initial investment is often less. 

To encourage DG systems when they first came to market, many states approved a billing system called net metering. Simply put, net metering is the difference between how much energy is used at a member’s home or business and how much energy the DG system at that home or business produces every month. Net metering policies vary by state, and in Missouri, electric utilities must abide by the “Net Metering and Easy Connection Act.”

If you are considering installing a DG system, contact us first. Not only will this be helpful, you are also required by law to inform and work with your utility prior to installing a DG system that connects to the grid to be sure it meets safety requirements.

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